1. dedicatedtoduke:

    Portrait by Ray Jones, 1942

  2. dedicatedtoduke:

    Back to Bataan, 1945

  3. dedicatedtoduke:

     I married a Woman, 1958

  6. dedicatedtoduke:

    ‘We brought nothing into this world, and it’s certain we can carry nothing out’.  Ted Dunson, Red River, 1948

  7. Between takes of Flying Tigers ( 1942 ) , Duke’s first war movie

  9. Publicity photo by John Miehle  for A Lady Takes a Chance, 1943

  10. 'When you look at an actor's eyes you've got to feel the cock-a-doodle strength coming at you.' John Wayne

  11. "Wayne was cultured; very charming, polite, elegant. Not from what we hear and read about him, but in the confines of his home. Not even in his friendships with his fellow film makers, but in the confines of himself. He takes off the toupee in those pictures at home, and there he is with a little bit of hair…The graciousness of that gesture." Sam Shaw, photographer.

  12. Photo by Sam Shaw